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Plate Type Filter

Plate Type Filter

This product is the ideal filter to complement any distillery, brewery, or winery. Its externally ported, multi-sheet plate filter is the most versatile piece of equipment a brewmaster or distiller can own. 


1) Chemical
Coating, paint, silica, caustic soda, soda ash, alkali, salt mud, new, water purification machines (aluminium, aluminium polymerization acetylacetonate, gypsum, insurance, phosphor, lithopone).
2) Foods
Vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, glucose, starch sugar, plant sweet, maltose, starch, maize, rice, Joan, seaweed, kara glue, milk, oral liquid, beer yeast, soy sauce, rice wine, white wine, fruit juice, beverage, plant protein, and spices.
3) Sewage
Printing and dyeing wastewater, sewage, smelting, leather, pharmacy sewage water brew, electroplating wastewater, sewage and waste, chemical electrolysis of water environment.
4) Pharmacy
Strain, aureomycin and McGrady enzymes enzyme, Wells, inositol Guangzhou metro, phytic acid, calcium, Chinese traditional medicine, saccharification, and organophosphate.
5) Pottery clay
Bentonite, electronic ceramic soil, kaolin, active soil, porcelain clay, limestone, granite furnaces.
6) Metallurgy, coal
Gold, silver, copper, zinc ore mineral powder, etc.


1. Plates and frame are stainless steel 304 material. It meets the food degree. 
2. It can ensure high pressure and temperature so that it can be used in more fields, get the lowest moisture and most output.
3. Manual Jack closing is practical and cost-saving, basically ZERO running cost. 
4. Plate and frame structure is designed for easy operation and maintenance. 
5. The flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25μm. It can perfectly avoid leakage.
6. Every plate is tested under high closing pressure 21 MPa.
7. All structure is also coated by S.S.304 to make it easy to clean and serves longer. 
8. Main beam is made of high quality SS304 with sand blasting processing and it is of high intensity and corrosion resisting.
9. All beams are produced by making use of submerged arc auto welding technology.
10. The filter cloth is pure cotton material so it is non-toxic, odourless.

Small Size Stainless Steel Manual Plate and Frame Filter Press  

The filter plates are made of stainless steel, which can meet food and sanitary grade. It has following features: high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, no toxic,tasteless,corrosion resistance,long life-span and good appearance. And it mainly is used for medicine, food, cosmetic ect.

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