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Induction Batch Roaster
  • Induction Batch Roaster


    This product's operation aims for the maximum flexibilities such as roasting soybeans, melon seeds, tea leaves, spice and various kinds of nuts and hard-shelled nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, macadamian nuts, pecan). The microcomputer in this product allows easy automated production where you would just need to set the proper temperature and drum rotating speed. With that, you will achieve an ideal and standardized production with minimum labor cost. 



    • oven rack, drum barrel body, electromagnetic induction heating system components 
    • for the double drum, the inside body is 430 stainless-steel drum with a SUS#304 stainless-steel outerlayer 
    • the electronic components are imported from Germany, Japan, and so on
    • reasonable structure with automatic tilting pan with strifrying capabilites 
    • automatic mechanical stiring, 360 degree rotationm, uniform heating, fried food
    • electromagnetic heating, reduce energy consumption, save energy 
    • pot along the horizontal axis, pot stirring with a fork in a scraping throwing motion 
    • automatic mechanical stir fry, improve stir speed 
    • the inner surface of the pot is coated with teflon non-stick coating, easy to clean and use
    • Used widely in restuarants, food processing plants, instutions, military units, schools, factories, mines, and others



    Sunflower seeds: 10-20kg/hr

    Peanuts: 10-20kg/hr

    Soy beans: 10-20kg/hr

    Sesame seeds:10-20kg/hr

    Brown rice: 10-20kg/hr



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